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Complete Vending Systems is capable of providing many different types of machines to meet your needs. Learn about the kinds of machines we can supply below.


Complete Vending Coffee MachinesCoffee Machines

Gourmet coffee’s brewed one cup at a time is only the start of the offering, we have hot chocolate, caffe latte, tea, international coffee, decaffeinated Coffee, cappuccino and espresso. 


Our cup options are from 9 to 12 oz with dual cup capability. 


With a cup of coffee being 98% water we need to start with quality water, to that end all equipment uses filtered water with an Ever Pure water filter. 


Quality water as well as quality products equals a quality cup of coffee. And that is what we deliver through our coffee machines.


Complete Vending Snack MachinesSnack Machines

This glass front merchandising centre is available in two sizes to accommodate the tastes of any number of customers with 32 to 45 selections of candy, chips, mints, cookies, pastries, and popcorn. 


The latest in styling makes this vendor at home in all applications. Equipped with the patented Sure Vend delivery system that Guarantees customers receive their product or their money back.  


Our snack centres are equipped with completely updated coin acceptance mechanisms to accept and give change for all Canadian coins. Also available is an optional bill validator to accept and give change for Canadian bills. 


The digital display allows  for custom messages to be programmed for your location.


From the easy to use selection panel to the adjustable selection trays these machines are designed to deliver your product flawlessly vend after vend.


Complete Vending Drink Machines

Drink Machines

Available in 355ml cans or 600ml bottles we offer Pepsi or Coke products. From traditional colas to ice teas and juices you have the option to choose your vend set.


Our easy identified branded vendors allow you to enjoy your favourite drink at the push of a button. 


With the latest in technology and easy to follow selection panel these refreshment centers will deliver time after time an ice cold vended drink. The number of selections available range from 6 to 10. All vendors are equipped with the latest coin handling capability, accepting and giving change for all Canadian coins.

Complete Vending ATM MachinesATM Machines

Our ATM’s offer cash at your finger tips, are fully secure and DES compliant.  With an eye-catching design and unsurpassed reliability, the Tranax mini-bank series is the clear choice in ATM’s.


 All our ATM’s are monitored 24 / 7 to ensure delivery of cash, as well as forwarding vital information such as low cash and technical problems to our office so we can dispatch our service team to rectify any problems and give you uninterrupted access to your money.


Over 80% of Canadians are using debit / credit cards.  Are they looking for cash at your location?  With no cost to you and having cash available 24 / 7, can you let an opportunity for extra sales slip by?  Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, c-stores and recreation centres
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